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This project places Naomi Miller within the homes of her friends for a series of short-term residencies. Acting as both a house guest and a working artist, Naomi photographs her friends' activities. Her friends ask for a work exchange in compensation for room and board. The services range from errands to meal preparation to tutorials.

Naomi seeks to spend time with her friends and briefly integrate herself into their individual lives. While this method is central to maintaining her friendships, it also sets up the elements necessary for her art practice. Her relationships provide the impetus for her photographs.

Naomi shows images in the host's home from the previous residency on her final day. This challenges Naomi to produce show-able work on an immediate and regular basis. Work shown is a mix of photographs, documentation of the work exchange, and other material relevant to the individual residency.

This residency is available to both recent and older friends of Naomi living in North America. The Iron Maiden is the '78 Volvo she drives from one residency to another.